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Online timer stopwatch

First introduced at the meter stick was erected in the country, which enabled people to deduce quite accurately how much of the day had passed, and how much was still left before sunset.

Stick threw a shadow over the country, which moved as the sun in the sky. For this primitive ajanmittarista was developed around 3500 BC. sundial, which was the first real timer clock type. Even the projection, the shadow moved round the sun, the twelve sectors shared platform.

These sectors responded to twelve hours a day, but at the time, an hour was not yet well established. Therefore, the day, and therefore also for the hours, varied in length, among other things, according to the seasons. The sundial was long the dominant measure of time, but it was impractical for the fact that its performance was closely tied to solar light. If the sky was cloudy and it was night, the sun does not have to use the timer clock as the light of the sun does not cast a shadow.

Only solution to the problem came when the first water stopwatch timer clocks were developed in Egypt about 3 400 years ago. Water timer clock was a water-filled container, the bottom of which was a small hole. Water leaked into this hole little by little out of time and was able to verify by looking at how much water was left.

The 700's were invented a revolutionary new measure of time: sandglass or hourglass. Its principle of operation was basically the same as the water timer clock. Hourglass had two containers on top of the sand, and the time was measured from the upper drainage of the lower container. At such a speed hourglasses identify any prior period indicators.

Pope Sylvester II, said to have invented the pendulum timer clock in around 990, [1], but only after the year 1280 was developed in Bedfordshire in England, at first, which worked by gravity, churches, tower timer clocks became common in Europe. At containing the pinion and weight of the cast, and at best only the actual time of about 15 minutes to one day. 1400s became more common jousivetoiset and portable timer clocks and the early 1500s began to appear in the pocket watches.

1580's Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) discovered that the same length of the pendulum oscillation time does not depend on the size and the weight of the swing angle, but it is a constant. Dutchman Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) developed the first usable pendulum timer clock.

Earlier timer clocks were usually only the hour hand. Minutes and the seconds were tested in the late 1500s, but the minute hand became common only in about 1680, the second hand a little later. [2]

Online timer clocks of the development of the people's perception of time has changed. It was seen as a stream, but the timer clocks allows it turned into small periods of time units. Wristwatch became common in the 1800s among women. During the First World War, men's wristwatch was also transferred to gradually displace the use of a pocket watch.

In the 20th century was discovered a number of new, more former watches. Quartz timer clock was used for scientific purposes in the 1930s, and the end of the century it became common in everyday life. Even more accurate is the spectral lines of atoms based on the frequencies of the atomic timer clock, which is also based on units of time, seconds, the current definition.

In recent decades, has become a radio signal to the correct time receiving watches. Atomic timer clock can be sent to the long-wave broadcast of a very specific time and date, which helps to keep quartz watch more precisely in time. In this case, the summer and winter time timer clock is set automatically. In Europe the standard is the standard German Mainflingenistä sent to the DCF77 signal. Station began in 1973, the time of transmission. Also operates satellite time were defined as the need for satellites to locate the exact time that they send the tracking devices.

Online stopwatch countdown timer

The stopwatch can be divided into the hanging wall (stopwatch), Wrist strap (watch), insert pocket stopwatch, also known as mandarin results. In addition, it is also associated with other devices such as computers, landline and mobile ...

Wall stopwatch timer are used in homes and offices, wristwatch was taken in hand, the large stopwatchs are placed in public places (churches or bus). Most computers and mobile phones are the lower display now.

However, the stopwatch is not always used to display the time. It also can be used to control an object over time. For example, the stopwatch bell can be used as a ticking time bomb. However it can be more accurately referred to as a system timer.

The clock is a tool to measure the time period of less than a day; opposed to the calendar, is a tool to measure longer than a day. The clock used in engineering often have very high accuracy and very complex structure. Meanwhile, one can make small clocks to easily take with you (called a wristwatch). The modern clock (from the 14th century onwards) often show three information: hours, minutes, seconds.

Computer using the online stopwatch signal to synchronize the process (although there is some research on asynchronous processors). Computer storage time to signal or just to display the time. Inside the computer has a stopwatch fed by the battery. The computer can still work even if the stopwatch on your death but upon reboot, the computer's stopwatch will be restarted.

Time is a fundamental concept in physics. Therefore, fabrication instrumentation exact time is important in experiments.
In explorer

In the exploration industry, especially by boat, people need to have the correct tools to measure longitude and latitude. Longitude can be measured by astronomers in latitude must have a very precise stopwatch. John Harrison was the first to manufacture the first watches with very high precision in the mid-18th century. In Cape Town, people are still shooting performance to the ship can adjust the correct time for your stopwatch.

At (lat. cloca) is a device intended to measure the time. Smaller watches, such as wrist watches, the action is usually included. In public places is usually a larger, solid watches. Also, computers and mobile phones are at. The clock function is not always only displays the time, such as a VCR, and time switch clockwork task is to guide the device to operate at a given time. The time can also be given impulses.
Modern Watches

The core part of the quartz stopwatch was invented in the 1920 decade.

Electronic stopwatch was invented in 1956.

Minutes Clock Timer

Body clock timer time using angles. clock timer face with the numbers from 1 to 12 and use the needle to indicate hours and minutes. From a number to a number of nearby 5 minutes (for with kim min), 1 hour (on the hour) or 5 seconds (for metal).

Another type of mechanical watches are used as sundial. It works by tracking often sunlight, and tracking people by looking at their shadow.

Electronic clock timer on a microwave

Electronic use system clock timer to show time. Usually there are two ways to show:

    24 hours to count the hours from 00-23
    12 now with wildcards AM / PM (mainly in the U.S.)

The electronic clock timer using LCD or LED, tube catode image to represent numbers. When the electronic clock timer battery replacement, we often "forget" previous time data.
Audio clock timer

For added convenience, there are some watches use sound to signal the hour. Sound can be used as natural language ("Now is sixteen hours and thirty minutes") or a code (the bell signaling the number of hours).
Word clock timer

This type of clock timer time in the form of letters. If in our electronic clock timer read 12:35, the numbers in the word clock timer, we can read "Twelve-thirty-five minutes." Some other watches using approximate mechanism to make users feel more comfortable when using the clock timer (for example, "About half past twelve") .
Counting time

Most watches have a harmonic oscillator mechanism inside, allowing launched a constant frequency. The number of oscillations that are measured and shown on the face of the clock timer.

    Mechanical clock timer pendulum using the harmonic oscillator mechanism, along with the gears to control the clock timer
    The electricity used to run the clock timer
    Crystal clock timer using the quartz crystal and a frequency divider system to count the time. With modern clock timer frequency is 215 Hz = 32768 kHz
    Molecular clock timer is the most accurate clock timer that people make, use ultrasound to excite the molecules, such as cesium, rubidium, hydrogen. Molecular clock timer using cesium is used to define the current time
    clock timer pulse frequency count of current into (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
    clock timer radio receives a code from a nearby broadcast station and adjust the time accordingly. These watches are used by divers
    Sundial tracking position between the sun and Earth